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There are many prestige classes that can be found on Habololy.  Some are unique to the world, while others can be found throughout the multiverse.  The prestige classes are split into four categories.  These categories are given and described below, along with a listing and short description of the prestige classes.  The letters in parenthesis are the abbreviation used to refer to that particular prestige class throughout the book.


The second part of this section gives complete descriptions of some of the more unique and influential prestige classes that exist on Habololy.  If a prestige class is not completely defined, a player is welcome to design the specifics of the class based on the short description given in the first part of the section.

General Prestige Classes

These prestige classes can be found elsewhere in the multiverse.  They are also considered to be basic enough that nearly any

race from nearly any culture could take on one of these prestige classes.


  • Acrobat, a character that specializes in dynamic physical feats to enhance his chosen class. (Acr)

  • Arcane Crafter, the magic shop owner.  Arcane Crafters devote their magical studies to the creation of magic items.  There is usually no more than one in any given region, being as the market simply can’t support it.  Arcane Crafters are usually merchants and tend to have wealth as a high priority.  There is also the occasional Arcane Crafter that spends his time creating items for a greater cause, such as a nation or religion. (ArcC)

  • Arcane Doppelganger, a spontaneous caster that uses his innate ability to change shape.  (AD)

  • <a href="Armored%20Caster.htm">Armored Caster</a>, arcane spellcasters that are trained to cast spells while wearing armor. (ArmC)

  • <a href="Assassin.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Assassin</a>, those who specialize in killing covertly. (As)

  • <a href="Cavalier.htm">Cavalier</a>, the knight that specializes in mounted combat.  The cavalier holds honor above all else. (Cav)

  • Chronomancer, arcane spellcasters that specialize in time related magic.  (Chr)

  • Counterspeller, arcane spellcasters that specialize in countering the spells of others.  (Cnt)

  • Craft'Master, worshippers of Smofarf that become the best at their chosen craft.  They eventually gain the ability to divinely inspire their craft.  (CM)

  • Crime Lord,

    the head of any illegal organization.  They are the will and direction behind a thieves’ guild or pirate clan.  Crime Lords are never in the

    field of action, but sit back and enjoy the spoils of victory. (CL)
  • Demolisher, a destructive force that can be stopped by no wall.  The Demolisher can be found spearheading a siege, leveling a town, or crushing forests and mountains alike.  Many Demolishers come from the ranks of the giants, ogres, and larger races.  They are also found among the bugbears, orcs, and occasionally the humans or dwarves. (Dml)

  • Diplomat, an emissary for a nation, religion, or group that uses words rather than actions to solve differences between her group and another. (Dip)

  • Dream Caster, arcane spellcasters that have a unique link to the plane of dreams. (DrC)

  • Dwarf Crusher, when giants need to deal with the smaller races.  These giants

    specialize in hunting and killing the smaller races.  Whether it is finding them in hideouts, or fighting against a swarm of little folk,

    these giants get the job done. (DwC) 
  • Elemental Caster, those spellcasters who look to become one with the elements in order to

    further their understanding or power.  The Elemental Caster slowly becomes the elemental that they look to for power.  Their spells are focused around that element.  They become loners, preferring the extremes of the elements to normal life.  Some eventually make their way to the elemental planes where they live for the rest of their lives. 

  • Elocater,

    the masters of movement, both natural and psionic.  [found in Expanded

    Psionic Handbook] (Elo)
  • Gladiator, warriors trained to fight for sport or entertainment.  Only those who survive the gladiatorial arenas for years come to be known as true gladiators. (Gl)

  • Investigator,

    the elite constables, sheriffs, and police of Habololy.  They solve

    crimes and catch criminals. (Inv)
  • Item Caster, these wizards imbue a particular item with the spells they cast. 

    The item is always one that takes skill to create, such as a painting.  The spellcaster has the ability to hold spells in these items and

    release them when needed. (IC)
  • Marksman,

    a specialist in ranged combat.  Marksmen can be found in every culture

    that uses a ranged weapon. (Mrk)
  • Meditator, those who seek an understanding beyond what normal beings can fathom.  They devote their lives to thought and meditation.  Usually, meditators come from the ranks of clerics and religious. (Mdt)

  • Oddsmaker,

    those who have the ability to change the natural odds and probability of events.  They are inexplicably lucky.  Oddsmakers can be found in every walk of life and from every race.  Unlike many prestige classes, this one is not named on Habololy.  No one is an Oddsmaker, in the same sense that someone is a Marksman.  There is no training to be an Oddsmaker and someone who is one would simply think of himself or herself as lucky.

  • Professor, a bard that documents and teaches, typically not an adventurer.  [found in the Habololian Guide to Bards] (Prof) 

  • <a href="Rager.htm">Rager</a>,

    some of the berserkers fall a little too far into their rage.  Controlled anger and fury turns to near madness.  Ragers are dangerous

    to both their enemies and their allies. (Rag)
  • Sage,

    the scholarly wizard.  These wizards are known for their plethora of spell knowledge.  Their repertoires of spells are unrivaled.  Many do not take on long journeys or quests, and many forsake friendship in

    their quest for knowledge. (Sg)
  • Spy Agent,

    those who use subterfuge to acquire knowledge or achieve goals.  These characters are usually found in the employ of a nation or organization.  The infiltrate other organizations and report back on them or try and

    destroy them. (Spy)
  • Strategist,

    some use their minds for combat more than their bodies.  The Strategist is a specialist in planning and tactics.  Most battles are won or lost before they begin.  The Strategist is the one who wins or loses it in

    that time. (Strt)
  • Studious Sorcerer, the arcane skills one is granted are not always the ones desired.  Sometimes sorcerers look to be more like their wizard counterparts and learn more spells at great expense.  Others take up the studies to better understand their counterpart, often to defeat them.  [found in the Habololian Guide to Sorcerers] (SS)

  • Summoner, arcane spellcasters that specialize in the summoning of creatures to do their bidding.  First perfected in the Arcane Academy, the art of summoning has existed for only four centuries.  Its practitioners use summoning spells exclusively.  They can be found throughout Habololy, but are few in number. (Sum)

  • Warmonger, divine warriors who are often paladins that seek to keep the world in a constant state of war, where they are the masters of existence.  [found in the Habololian Guide to Paladins] (Warm)

  • Weapon Caster, these spellcasters have learned to use their weapon as the focus for their spells.  They combine the skills of a spellcaster and a fighter in a unique way. (WpC)

  • Weapon Manifestor, these manifestors have learned to use their weapon as the focus for their psychic abilities.  They combine the skills of a psion and a fighter in a unique way. (WpM)

    Tradition Based Prestige Classes

    Any prestige class that requires a character be from a certain culture or belong to a specific race falls into this category.  These prestige classes also require very specific training and can only be

    accomplished with the help of a mentor or guide.


    • Agent of Genocide, divine agents, who are typically vile paladins, that seek to eliminate every other race but their own.  (AoG)

    • Amatine Assassin, the most lethal killers of Habololy.  These assassins specialize in death from afar, while still proficient in hand-to-hand combat.  They are the stuff of nightmare and legend.  Only Amatine gnomes are ever taught the skills of the Amatine Assassin. (AA)

    • Arcane Singer, the master of combining spell and song.  The Arcane Singer integrates all of the magic she uses with the songs that she sings.  She specializes in enchantments.  Arcane Singers tend to stay in one area where they can create a reputation for themselves.  They are only found in civilized settings. (AS)

    • Aroy'ogoylo Professional, the masters of the orcish sport of Aroy'ogoylo, which is in part training for combat.  (AP)

    • Bane of Celetal, these fanatics despise psionics, and set the elimination of them from the world above all other priorities. (BoC)

    • Barbaric Protector, the defender of an uncivilized culture.  They always come from inside the culture. (BP)

    • Beast Rider, specialists of combat from a strange mount.  They can be the

      Orcish Thunderiders, the Frozensky bear cavalry, the elven stag riders, the Kobald Owlbacks, or the goblin Hebablam Captain.  They all learn the

      difficult methods of training and controlling the beasts they ride. (BR)
    • Belitrian Disciple, followers of the path of Belitrian, a sorcerer that sought to expand his power by losing control and unleashing even further depths of innate arcane power.  [found in the Habololian Guide to Sorcerers] (BD)

    • Blackbattle Warlock, one of the many 'warlock' traditions that seek to mix arcane and rogue skills.  This one was developed by the Blackbattle dwarven clan.  [found in the Record of the Dwarven Kingdom] (BW)

    • Bladelord, the masters of the sword.  The deities Falan and Han~Sui were once challenged to see if they could cooperate on one project.  The result was the Bladelord.  They are warriors who use creativity and skill to become the greatest sword wielders of Habololy. (Bld)

    • Brotherhood of Blast Mountain, the masters of the magic school of invocation.  These worshippers of Smofarf look to create the best invocation spells possible, while making sure that their magic, and the magic of others, does not overwhelm the world as it did to the mountain from which they take their name. (BoBM)

    • DeathsdoorVigilant, those who take the law into their own hands.  So named

      for their vigilant eyes and their lifestyle which borders on death, these beings walk the fine line between hero and killer.  Vigilants roam the cities of Habololy in search of criminals who have escaped justice. 

      They each have their own motivations, but all share the same goal. (DdV)
    • Dragonslayer, the few who are brave enough to challenge the Dragons.  The first

      Dragonslayers came out of the Hunt.  They developed techniques to deal with their fearsome targets that are known only to them.  To avoid reprisal, the Dragonslayers have no home or base.  To become a Dragonslayer, one must be trained by one.  Since the Hunt ended, the number of Dragonslayers has declined dramatically.  Only about a dozen

      are alive.
    • Emerald Brigadier, the elite hippogriff riders of the kingdom of Yellowia.  (EB)

    • Equestromancer, the horse riding spellcasters of Yellowia.  The long tradition of

      horse riding in Yellowia extends to spellcasters who are masters of

      casting while riding. (Eq)
    • Eshalmon,

      the most honorable warriors of Yellowia.  These fighters hold truth and honor higher than any other.  They swear loyalty to their kingdom, and would rather die than betray it.  They are weapon masters and mounted combat experts.  Their tradition in Yellowia is not as long, but just as

      prestigious as the ranger tradition. (Esh)
    • Giant Killer, some dangers are so great that they require heroes to step forward and devote their life the defeating them.  Giant Killers see the greatest threat to Habololy being the races of giants.  They learn everything possible about giants and use that knowledge to cleanse the world of the giant scourge. (GK)

    • Guardian,

      the defenders of Habololy from incursions of outer planar creatures.  Founded hundreds of years ago, the guardian order protects the world from evils and elements most do not consider or know exist.  They take their methods and names from the most noble of animals, and fashion a

      lifestyle similar to that of a devout monk. (Gu)
    • Harcozaz, the hardened sergeants of the orcish military.  (Har)

    • Horarian Assassin, a unique variety of assassin that originate with the Horarians.  They are known for their martial skill and supernatural stealth ability.  (HA)

    • Huntsman,

      the enemy of every ranger.  The Huntsman has decided that nature is better suited for his own use than protection.  They are masters of the hunt, using all of their tracking and fighting skills to deadly ends.  Huntsmen revere both Treetop and Dedestroyt, for their skill and

      influence. (Hnt)
    • Knight of the Republic,

      the order of knights that protect the Republic of Destroyt.  Although most are devout followers of Han~Sui, their nation comes before any

      religion. (KoR)
    • <a href="Knight%20of%20the%20White%20Sword.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Knight of the White Sword</a>,

      the order of knights established and based in the Kingdom of Icefia.  These knights stand for all of the ideals of the deity Stasis, although they are not required to worship him.  They serve the good peoples of

      Habololy, even those who do not live in the kingdom. (KoWS)
    • Lalakansakalpa, the ancient elven tradition that mixes warrior, bardic, and wizardly skills.  [found in the Chronicle of the Rosetree] (Lal)

    • Lawcaller, those who remember the traditions and laws of a culture. (Lc)

    • <a href="Lighthorseman.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Lighthorseman</a>, the Yellowian light cavalry known throughout the world.  [found in the Legends of the Kingdom of Yellowia] (Lighth)

    • Lightningrock'Blitzcaster, the dwarven clan Lightningrock's wizardly tradition that revolves around fast casting and spell momentum.  [found in the Record of the Dwarven Kingdom] (LB)

    • Loremaster,

      those who ensure that all ancient knowledge is kept.  The Loremaster is a font of knowledge, both useful and not.  They look to acquire more knowledge and pass it on to as many as who will listen.  A Loremaster heads each of the bardic colleges, and most nations have at least one

      whose duty it is to keep an accurate history. [found in DMG] (Lrm)
    • Maestro, bards that learn all of the different traditions of entertainment.  (Mae)

    • Mindshadow,

      a cabal of spellcasters that drain knowledge from the world.  Little is known about these creatures who so fervently seek to draw knowledge from their victims as a vampire would draw blood.  They align themselves with no particular deity, nation, or race.  They are never seen with other Mindshadows.  The question that most scholars ask is: are they that

      rare, or are they that competent? (Msh)
    • Nomad Lord, the masters of survival in the Intorian desert. (NL)

    • <a href="Order%20Banished%20Hero.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Order of the Banished Hero</a>, the order of mainly paladins who revere the lifestyle and teachings of Saint Hammel the Good.  This order once belonged exclusively to the followers of Hemator.  However, the good deeds and heroic actions of its members attract paladins from all faiths.  They focus on healing, protection, and the notion that good deeds speak far louder than good words.  They are known to travel Habololy, only returning home upon their death. (OoBH)

    • Order of the Blessed Armor, this order pays homage to an ancient suit of full plate mail.  They believe that when a woman is born who can wear the armor, she will bring order to Habololy.  Each member goes from nation to nation spreading the order that they believe is right.  The armor is located in the high temple, where each member of the order goes at least once every five years.  Many of the members are paladins.  Every member possesses a suit of armor of their own, which is their own personal holy symbol. (OoBA)

    • Order of the Sunlight Below, the elves that take a proactive roll in the defeat of the Dark elves and the other evil races which live under the ground.  Illithids and Troglodytes are also high on their list of enemies.  They are found mainly among the Jungle elves, although they are willing to train others in the art. (OSB)

    • Order of the Trueheart, gallant and strong in femininity.  These women follow the tenants placed down by the founder of the Bardic College of Yellowia, Allyson Trueheart.  They take up the role of the noble defender and lover of all goodly peoples.  They are bards and warriors, and their love in returned by the people they protect. (OoT)

    • <a href="Pathfinder.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Pathfinder</a>, the guide in a world without maps.  The Pathfinders ensure that beings get from one place to another.  They create the roads that the world uses.  Pathfinders are travelers, for both pleasure and profit. (Ptf)

    • Plainsrunner, a messenger tradition from the amber lands.  (Plains)

    • Red Guard, the defenders of Layraedia, founded by the great warrior Corbeen.  They are masters of pole arms and defense.  Their name derives from the bright armor that they wear to draw attention from themselves and away from those who they look to protect.  Few are found away from their homeland.

    • Regulator, the psionic authority in Hertoplowis.  They wage a constant war against radical thinking.  They are mind-readers and thought benders.  They are the most feared constabulary force in the world. (Reg)

    • RelicHunter, the collector and preserver of artifacts and relics. 

      Usually found in the employ of a college or nation, the Relic Hunter

      searches for treasures of the old world.  (RH)
    • Scaletouched, some scaled elves achieve a special bond with their wyvern. 

      These elven knights have a rapport with their mount that makes them one

      of the most feared cavalry groups of Habololy.  (Sct)
    • Silversword, it is better to be both lucky and skilled.  The tradition of the

      great swordswoman Jane lives on centuries later in a group that bears her name.  They are a foppish band of do-gooders who have a rain cloud

      over one shoulder and a guardian angel on the other. (Sls)
    • Skald, the warrior bards of the barbarians.  (Sk)

    • Skymount,

      the airborne version of the Beast Rider.  It is believed that the first of them were elves and that the Beast Rider and other mounted traditions

      all stem from the Skymount. (Skm)
    • Sword Saint, the tradition of weapon masters that survived when the Horarians

      arrived on Habololy.  Only a few fighters lived through the invasion, but one who did was known as a Sword Saint.  He began this fighting

      style, based on focus and dedication to one weapon only. (SS)
    • Treewalker,

      the nimble elven warriors who specialize in tree-to-tree combat.  They

      are just as at home in a tree as they are on the ground. (Trw)
    • Tundra Lord, the masters of survival in the arctic lands. (TL)

    • Weathersinger, those who can literally sing up a storm.  Some bards learn to be

      in tune with nature.  These bards can affect the weather with their song just as well as they can affect someone’s mood. (Wts)

      Deity Based Prestige Classes

      The deities have a major influence in the lives of the beings of Habololy.  One of the ways they do this is by training or sponsoring groups.  Many of these groups’ leaders belong to a prestige class that

      obeys or pays homage to a specific deity.


      • Acolyte of the Moon, those who have taken to the belief that true power lies in the worship of Dresta and the influence of the moon.  They act to increase the power of their deity and to influence the actions of the creatures of the night. (AoM)

      • <a href="Alchemist.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Alchemist</a>, these followers of Tfop step on the fine line between magic and technology. (Alc)

      • Ancestral Speaker, the devoted clerics of the Oldest Orc that seek to keep the traditions of the past intact.  They are capable of speaking to their ancestors.  (AS)

      • Animal Guard, the mortal entities that preserve the animals in the name of Treetop.  Each Animal Guard looks after a particular animal or group of animals.  They ensure that the animals are treated fairly by the intelligent beings of Habololy. (AG)

      • Beast Striker, a martial prestige class that mixes devotion to a deity of the animal domains and the ability to change shape.  [found in the Habololian Guide to Monks] (BStr)

      • Bloated, the grotesque leaders of the cult of Loomashyn.  Their only goals are to satisfy their hatred and create more hatred in the world. (Blt)

      • Changer of Ways, the agents of Compture on Habololy.  They seek to encourage and

        create change wherever they go.  They can be found aiding any change that may be occurring naturally, and attempting to thwart efforts to

        maintain a standard. (CoW)
      • Cult Avatar, there are some cultists who become perfectly in tune with their deity.  These faithful begin to turn into the physical embodiment of their deity.  Cult Avatars are extremely rare and usually killed by the religions as soon as they are discovered. (CA)

      • Devotee, some of the faithful of the deities devote their existence to one specific aspect of a deity.  All of the focus and abilities are centered on that one aspect. (Dvt)

      • Disciple of Falan, the masters of the undead.  Whether creating or destroying, no creature knows more than the Disciple of Falan when it comes to the undead.  They are all followers of the religion of Falan, although that can mean many things. (DoF)

      • FlameMaster, the slave master who uses fire to control his slaves. 

        These worshippers of Sutyr are also the nemesis of the Icebringers. 

        They have influence over fire and flame. (FM)
      • <a href="Grovetender.htm">Grovetender</a>, Habastly’s guards for nature against the incursions of so-called

        civilized races.  Grovetenders look after nature in the same way Animal Guards look after animals.  They only seek to allow nature not to be

        abused. (Gvt)
      • Icebringer,

        the mortal agents of Frostine.  They look to bring his vision of an ice

        covered, frozen Habololy into existence. (Icb)
      • Inquisitor,

        the clerics of the religions of Habololy that are out solely to eliminate the cults from the world.  They hunt for cultists and bring

        them to the justice of the deities.  (Inq)  
      • Keeper of the Arts,

        the most learned clerics of Tyrogatore.  Every Keeper looks to preserve the martial styles that have developed through the millennia.  They are the clerics of Tyrogatore that have mastered a martial style and fought the just fights for as long as they were required.  They are now tasked to educate others in their style and learn for themselves of the other

        styles. (KoA)
      • Knight of the Lady Protector, an ancient order of knights that was devoted to the dead deity Forsha.  (KotLyP) 

      • Knight of the Lord Protector, an order that replaced the old order of the lady protector.  (KotLdP

      • Ladykiller, the most active members of the cult of Corahakar.  These killers and thieves are Corahakar’s most useful element of the surface. (Ldk)

      • Liberator, for some followers of Gnarion, it is not enough to be free, all other peoples of the world must also be free.  Liberators find a place in the world where they see oppression or the potential for it, and do their best to stop and prevent that oppression. (Lib)

      • <a href="Machinehead.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Machinehead</a>, when a tinker has true faith in Arsenal, he beings to absorb the clickers he creates into his body. (Mch)

      • Master Healer, the mortal embodiment of the beliefs of Hemator.  Much like other clerics of Hemator, they believe that the best way to convince is through action, in this case, the healing of the sick and injured.  They are the greatest healers of the mortal world. (MH)

      • <a style="text-decoration: none" title="This class foud in the Dungeno Master Guide." href="Prestige%20Classes%20Main.htm">Mystic Theurge</a></a>, the clerics of the deities of magic sometimes combine their knowledge of divine and arcane magic.  These clerics have more flexibility than any other spellcasters on Habololy.  Clerics of Smofarf and Chaos are the most common to follow this path, although clerics of Falan, Everentual, Arsur’anyodel, Tfop, and Frostine have followed the path as well. [found in DMG] (MT)

      • Nightingale, the faithful of Arsur’anyodel who look to protect the goodly

        creatures and races of Habololy from the evils that lurk at night.  They are a nocturnal group, who travel alone, looking for those who need assistance.  The Nightingales will never pass up an opportunity to deal

        with the followers of Dresta. (Ntg)
      • Peacebringer, those who bring peace at any cost.  These followers of Quan Yin

        hold war as the ultimate evil.  They are trained to combat battle with pacifism and calm.  They are able to enforce their will of peace upon those they come into contact with.  There are few Peacebringers outside

        of Kathow-tio-Horari. (Pcb)
      • Seductress,

        taught by fiendish mentors, the Seductress is the embodiment of Wandle’s will.  They are mistresses of deception, lies, and trickery. (Sdc) 

      • The Silent Order, This group is dedicated to the legitimate and honorable use of psionic power.  They take a vow of silence, which is their namesake.  The majority of the order have some unarmed martial skill.  (SO)

      • Spellbreaker, the most faithful followers of Drunnbar.  They eschew all forms of magic and are trained to resist and destroy it. (Spb)

      • Stalker of the Dead, the few clerics of Dedestroyt that devote the rest of

        their lives to fulfilling his quest.  Whenever a being escapes death through unnatural means, the Dead Stalker is alerted.  They track these survivors down and finish what was started in the name of Dedestroyt.  These clerics are granted abnormally long life and resistance to all

        forms of harm. (SotD)
      • Templar, the perfect combination of fighter and cleric.  They are more common in religions that are not normally combative, because the combative religions generally have another combat oriented tradition. (Tpl)

      • <a href="Trutholder.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Trutholder</a>, the ultimate bringers of justice.  These clerics of Han~Sui seek to bring truth to the entire world.  They are sometimes crusaders, sometimes agents of a government.  They can compel honesty and resist being charmed or controlled.  Every judge feels better when a Truthholder is near. (Trh)

      • Vishteen Monk, the divine unarmed combatants of Vishtoo.  (VM)

      • Warden of Nature, these fierce warriors guard nature from the perils of technology.  They were founded during the War of Technology.  The Wardens swear off the use of all clickers and look to destroy those beings that would bring them into the wilds. (WoN)

      • <a href="Wild%20Caster.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Wild</a><a href="Wild%20Caster.htm" style="text-decoration: none">Caster</a>, those who choose to allow their magic to get a bit out of

        control.  These spellcasters are the followers of the deity Chaos.  They practice a dangerous and powerful form of magic.  They are hunted for their devotion to a cult and for the threat they bring to any nation. (WiC)

        Martial Prestige Classes

        These prestige classes all center around forms of combat that have been tediously developed over centuries.  They are not as difficult to learn as other prestige classes, and even allow for a second prestige class, given the right circumstances.  They all require a great deal of training and have no racial or cultural restrictions other than finding a



        • Boronk ek Kordan, the style of combat designed by the orcs.  It focuses on throws, pushes, and slaps.  Practitioners are generally very large. (BeK) 

        • Deathfist, this is also a martial style taught by the cult of Vishtoo.  It focuses on attacks of incredible power and resistance to all magic. (Dtf)

        • Emenotan, a style used by the Halflings, but not developed by them.  It looks to make powerful strikes with hand or foot at precisely the right moment.  The style requires patience and precision. (Emn)

        • Feyalin, the style designed by the jungle elves.  It focuses on locks and holds, often accepting strikes to reach that end.  It is a grounded, fluid style. (Fyl)

        • Jaegenklars, the style designed by the Vass.  It focuses on quick strikes with tooth, claw and tail.  It is fast moving, but grounded.  To master this style, a creature must possess a usable tail. (Jgk)

        • Jaswapan Striker, the oldest martial fighting style.  Practitioners make strikes in furious succession with both punches and kicks. (JS)

        • Pugilist, those who specialize in using only their hands when pummeling opponents. (Pug)

        • Sawelleaf Defender, the style of the Nipits.  It was developed as a way to defend oneself without a weapon and to stop an opponent without killing.  Movement and locking holds are the key elements of this style. (SwD)

        • Vecusta, a style that teaches quick and deadly strikes from all angles and distances.  It’s originators have long faded from memory, but enough practitioners exist to keep the style alive. (Vec)

        • Warriorof'Stone, the combination of Drunnbar’s hatred of magic and the skill of the monks.  The Warriors of Stone worship both Drunnbar and Tyrogatore. (WoS)

        • Wrestler, those who specialize in grappling with locks and holds.  The style can be found throughout the world, but is mastered among the barbarian tribes and in the streets of Hertoplowis. (Wrs)