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Symbol of Sutyr

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Sutyr is one of the youngest deities of the Counsil.  He ascended from the ranks of the Fire Giants in the year 525 AC, shortly after the Day of Burning Death.  He is a strong

defender of the Counsil and pays them great respect for his position.


Sutyr was virtually unknown before he ascended.  Religious scholars believe that he did not use the name Sutyr as a mortal.  The Fire Giants themselves share little of what they know of the deity when he was mortal.  As those that were his contemporaries become fewer in number, Sutyr becomes more and more deity and less and less mortal.


Sutyr has based his faith around power, the acquisition and keeping of it.  He exhorts his followers to claim all of the power they can.  They may not do so at the expense of their nation or religion.  He points out that his use of the system has brought him to the Counsil of the Deities.  Sutyr meets with his followers on his feast day every year in the heart of the Desert’s Edge Volcanoes.


Although Sutyr dislikes some Counsil members, he only acts against two, Frostine and Tfop.  Following the strict rule of the Counsil, Sutyr denounces the cults at all times.  Not wanting to give any other the opportunity to possibly usurp some of his power, Sutyr also encourages acts against the quasi-deities.


Power:  Demi-God

Symbol:  Greatsword and Whip Crossed in a Flame

Alignment:  Lawful Evil

Aspects:  Fire, Slavery, Fire Giants, Volcanoes

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Destruction, Fire, Tyranny

Prayer Time: Any time during the day light

Favored Weapon:  Greatsword

Turn Undead:  Control Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High Temple MountVarish

High Cleric:  Tarmeran Kalmire

Number of Faithful:  200,000

Associated Groups:  none


            Dogma:  The weak exist to serve the strong.  Fire is the greatest strength that can be possessed.  Strength requires superiority over and detachment from others.  The more powerful one is in life, the greater the rewards will be after death.

            Feast Day: 27th Trest<![endif]>