Races of Astilan

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There are some rules that apply to all the races of Astilan.

• Dragons are creatures of amazing power and legend. For this reason, any time the word dragon or the name of a known dragon is mentioned, all who hear it must make a DC20 willpower save or be unable to act for one round. It is also common knowledge that to use their name is to draw the attention of the dragons.

• For this same reason, dragons add a +12 bonus to the DC of their fear save against all creatures of Astilan.

The major races are ones that live in at least two parts of the world. They are also ones that have at one time or another, possibly currently, had a significant nation or tribe that is well known to most of the world. The list of major races is as follows:

Major Races

- Avariel of Astilan

- Dromite

- Dwarves of Astilan

- Elves of Astilan

- Gnomes of Astilan

- Gree of Astilan

- Halflings of Astilan

- Humans of Astilan

- Lunalecti

- Nipits of Astilan

- Tyrog

Minor Races

- Hiljanion

- Kenku

- Troglodytes